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Wiring in your home...
What are the issues?

Much of the charm of our neighborhoods in San Diego is due to the wonderful older homes found here. But if a house is over sixty years’ old there’s a chance that it still has “knob and tube” electrical wiring.

This type of electrical wiring can be identified by single, cloth-covered electrical wires attached to studs by means of porcelain ‘knobs’ and ran through studs in the walls by means of porcelain ‘tubes,’ visible in attics and unfinished garages.

This type of electrical wiring is outdated and increasingly less safe with age, but can be grandfathered from owner to owner – if left alone.

This means no new electrical outlets, switches or other fixtures can be changed in any way that effects the old wiring.

If you have knob and tube wiring in your home, replacing it will greatly increase its value; and if you are looking to buy a home with knob and tube wiring, know that your options for most home improvements will require a whole-house rewire.

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