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Undergrounding to your home...
What are your choices?

Mission Hills is one of the neighborhoods at the forefront of a major, multi-year initiative by SDG&E to bury underground all overhead electrical service lines.

For most property owners, this means that their current electrical service panels will have to be replaced to accept electric power coming into them from below instead of above.

While for many this will be an expensive headache, for others it is a real opportunity to upgrade their electrical service from the 65 or 100 Amps they’ve been making do with to the newer residential standard of 200 Amps, improving the value of their home and providing options – such as spas and tankless water heaters – that were impossible before.

Be sure that your new electrical service panel will be compatible, and find out how much trenching is your responsibility versus what the utility company will do.

Call SDG&E’s customer service line at 800-411-7343 with any questions, and consult your electrician before committing to any plans.

We can help guide you through the process and options - just call - we are here to help!

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