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As the economy worsens and property becomes a target, lighting that increases safety and convenience takes on extra importance. Be sure that safety lights are positioned high enough so that they cannot be tampered with, and shatter-resistant covers are recommended to protect against vandals. The power to lights should be run in conduit or through walls. There are now several types of light switches as alternatives to manual ones: motion sensors, photo sensors and infrared sensors. Motion sensors are best for providing spot illumination for areas while not having to pay extra energy costs, but need a clear field location to prevent triggering by normal object motion such as from tree branches. Photo sensors operate based on ambient light, so be sure to locate them facing north out of shadows and away from other lights. Infrared sensors work by sensing body heat so they’re not recommended for outdoor use, where wind-driven air temperature changes can affect them. Next info to go: Landscape lighting tips!


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