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What are the electrical issues?

In a slower real estate market, many homeowners shift their focus from selling to remodeling. While creativity tends to make the decisions, it’s important to keep project management and building code considerations in mind. Be sure to coordinate your project so that individual contractors aren’t scheduled at the same times – or have to undo each other’s work in order to get their tasks accomplished. Thinking bigger at first and downsizing expectations causes fewer problems than does thinking smaller and having scope creep later. Electrical and plumbing work is usually concentrated at the beginning of remodels, and lightly later to “button up.” And plumbing and electrical work cost much less if performed when walls are already opened. Drywall and painting should be saved for the very end. Switching appliances should take into account costs of operation: Gas appliances currently are less costly to run than electric ones. Next month, we’ll cover important code requirements. Next to go info: Important code requirements!


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