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Electrical power outlets in your home...
What are the issues?

The most common service call for an electrician begins when someone plugs something in and everything goes out. Flashlight in hand, you check the breaker but it doesn’t seem to be the problem. What could it be? Very often, the problem is caused by a tripped GFCI (often shortened to GFI). “GFCI” stands for ground fault circuit interrupter, and can be identified as the one outlet on a circuit that has two small, square buttons (labeled “test” and “reset,” colored either red and black or both white) between the two plug receptacles. This is a mini-breaker on the circuit and can be tripped by plugging in a device that is already turned on or has built up a charge of static electricity. By finding the GFCI on the circuit where the power is out and pressing its reset button, you might save yourself the cost of hiring an electrician and quickly get back to your day. Info to go next: More GFCI need-to-know!


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