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Extension cords in your home...
What are the dangers?

It won't be long before many of us start getting out space heaters and plugging these in with ever more things. While this can be okay, it is important to remember that using extension cords for most electrical devices is not recommended for long-term use and not at all for high-load appliances. Be sure to use only properly rated and surge-protected power strips for computer equipment. For entertainment equipment, be sure that power strips have cable and data jacks to fully protect your expensive audiovisual devices. And never use older power cords that have been “forced” to fit grounded outlets or have the prong cut off to fit ungrounded ones. Most of our older homes have too few outlets for all of the many electrical conveniences we rely on today. Consider adding outlets and circuits instead of relying on extension cords for a home that is more safe and has a higher market value. Next info to go: Adding outlets and circuits!


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