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Cooling your home...
What are your choices?

Coastal San Diego homes most of the year don't need air conditioning. But as the weather gets hotter, many of us need a little assistance keeping cool – and often plug-in fans just can’t do the job. Ceiling fans are a popular and decorative choice for condominiums and certain rooms that don’t get enough air circulation.

A recent innovation that helps reduce the cost of installation is remote-controlled ceiling fans, which don’t require a switch hardwired. For those with attic space, attic fans and whole-house fans are an option.

Attic fans are less expensive but best for homes that really only become uncomfortable later in the day and stay too warm at night, by keeping the air above the ceiling from getting too hot.

Whole-house fans work for those who have ceiling access, by pulling air into the house and venting it out through the attic.

Should you decide you must have air conditioning: some newer window-mounted unit are specially rated to be plugged in to a standard 15A outlet, but most units require a dedicated 20A or 30A circuit, so be prepared for the costs that will involve.


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